Remove Junk Files from Mobile SD Card

SD card has it’s great importance when it comes about media gadgets like mobile phones, camera, tablets etc. Generally mobile phones are enabled with a limited storage capacity that is why SD card are highly used memory card for increasing memory capacity on phone. However, after you have used your mobile phone for a long period, you might have encountered a change in it’s performance. As much we use our mobile phone, it constantly accumulates useless and unwanted files on SD card. This junk information unreasonably occupies important memory space on SD card and influence it’s efficiency by making it slow. So, if you want to optimize memory on your mobile SD card, it’s important to clean unnecessary data.

Accumulation of junk files will be continued if you are not managing and updating files on your mobile phone. So while using mobile phone, user should handle it carefully.  Here we have discussed about few common mistakes that user does while using mobile phone and get rewarded with unwanted junk data on SD card. In this modern era, social networking is common activity for mobile phone users. Facebook, WhatsApp are very popular among users. While using these apps, when a user view any media file, it automatically get downloaded and saved on SD card, if you have set external storage drive as download location.

Multimedia phones are very good alternative of cameras. Most of mobile phone users are using it for recording videos and capturing images whenever they want. However, they capture images and videos but after these files are needless, users forget to remove them and unknowingly take a chance to make SD card a garbage collector. Apart from above mistakes, we often done with saving identical images, songs, videos, contacts, application files etc on mobile SD card that is obviously not good for mobile SD card performance. Additionally, because of these junk files, you may be deprived of storing other favorite files on SD card.

Deleting junk files from mobile phone SD card is not an easy task especially when you don’t have an exact idea about junk files and the way to remove them efficiently. A small mistake could result in a big loss or you may delete important files along with junk files while making SD card free of unwanted files. Therefore, most of mobile phone users do trust on smart option that is utilization of a smart junk file cleaner that is Remo MORE. An incredible application that deletes all kind of junk files from mobile phone SD card automatically. This tool is highly compatible with Mac, Window and Android devices and performs cleaning of junk data from phone internal memory, SD cards, MMC, xD, CF, SDXC, microSD and other removable storage media in a fraction of time. You can download free version this app and make it easy to remove junk files from mobile phone SD card.

Steps to clean junk files on mobile SD card:

Step 1: Install this software and connect SD card to the system. After launching this app, select "Optimize" option from main screen, then click on Remove Duplicates option.

Remove Junk Files from Mobile SD Card - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, select your mobile phone SD card among displayed drives and click "Next" to initiate the scanning process as shown in fig 2.

Remove Junk Files from Mobile SD Card - Select SD Card

Fig 2: Select SD Card

Step 3: After the scanning is completed, software shows all duplicate files as shown in fig 3. Mark All and click on Delete Permanently option to remove these junk files from SD card.

Remove Junk Files from Mobile SD Card - Delete Permanently Option

Fig 3: Delete Permanently Option