Recover Micro SD Card Data

Have you accidentally erased important files from micro SD card? Looking for a solution to recover them back? Do not panic! You are at the right place. With the help of Mobile SD Card Recovery software, you can achieve your task easily. Micro SD card is the most popular and useful multimedia storage device commonly used in mobile phones to store data. This tiny little chip is highly capable of storing large volumes of multimedia files in your phones. Other then mobiles, micro SD card are used in digital cameras, video game consoles, hand-held GPS devices and other electronic devices that support micro secure digital technology. Besides its advanced features, these cards may get corrupt alike all other multimedia storage devices. Once it gets corrupted due to any reasons, some of your stored data will become inaccessible and some of them get deleted permanently. To cope with such losses of data, you can always go for secure cell phone SD card recovery software. One such tool is Mobile SD Card Recovery Software, which helps to restore SD card files.

Mobile SD Card Recovery software is an innovative and effective tool that helps you to restore deleted files from mobile micro SD card. This software also supports deleted file recovery from other flash memory cards like XD card, MMC card, Memory stick and many more. Though the deleted file remains in micro SD card even after deleting, it cannot be accessed by the user. Mobile SD Card Recovery Software has a built in recovery algorithm which can restore those deleted files. It is very useful to restore missing images from numerous brands of SD card. To recover images from Samsung SD card, follow tihis link:

Causes for loss/deletion of files from micro SD card:

  • Accidental deletion: While viewing photos or during listening to songs in mobile if you unintentionally press the delete option then that file is deleted from the SD card.
  • Loss during file transfer process: If you have connected your mobile’s SD card to the computer for transferring files and during the transfer process, if there is sudden power failure or if you abruptly remove the cable then you suffer from data loss.
  • Formatting SD card: While accessing the memory card, if you unintentionally press the format option then the files present in the micro SD card is deleted and lost. After that, for quick recovery adopt this application. For any help, use this link:
  • File System Corruption: If the SD card becomes old or used for long time then the file structure of the card gets corrupted and it results in severe data loss and may become inaccessible.
  • Virus Attack: If the micro SD card is infected from some harmful malwares, spyware or virus then also the data is deleted from the micro SD card.

During all the above scenarios the data lost from micro SD card can be recovered using Mobile SD Card Recovery software. This tool helps to recover files from damaged SD card, which are not accessing. This software is compatible with all recent versions of both Windows and Mac operating system. The powerful recovery algorithm of this software is capable of recovering all possible files from your micro SD card. Hence, you can easily undelete photos from mobile or any other electronic gadget. In case you need to have specific knowledge about how data loss can be tackled over Samsung Android phones, then simply follow the provided link:

Reasons to choose Mobile SD Card Recovery software:

  • Considered as safe and accurate recovery tool
  • Simple and easy user interface to help carry out the recovery process by any user
  • Equipped with unique features such as "Save Recovery Session", which saves your scanned results for future use and avoids rescan
  • "Preview" option which helps you to view the content of the restored file
  • This application is very efficient to recover all files from SD card in Android mobiles. If you need more information about recovery process, follow this link:

Note: Visit at to get an easy assistance in restoring deleted pictures from Android phone SD card.

Procedure for carrying out micro SD card recovery:

Step 1: Install Mobile SD Card Recovery software and later select "Recover Photos" on the main screen as shown in Fig A.

Micro SD Card Recovery - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: Select the micro SD card among the listed drives and click "Next" as shown in Fig B.

Micro SD Card Recovery - Choose Micro SD Card

Fig B: Choose Micro SD Card

Step 3: Recovered files from micro SD card can be seen as shown in Fig C.

Micro SD Card Recovery - Recovered Files

Fig C: Recovered Files

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