SD Card Memory Optimizer

SD cards are extensively used for enhancing storage capacity in various media gadgets. It is supported by a wide range of devices such as digital camera, camcorders, smartphones, tablets etc to save high quality media files such as digital pictures, videos, music and other kinds of files. SD card is very reliable storage media that provides fast access to files saved over it but sometimes user may experience slow performance of these memory cards. Actually, like other storage drives, SD card may also become slow as it’s performance decreases after a certain time. If you are not optimizing your SD card in a regular time interval, it’s efficiency goes down gradually. But this problem can be resolved easily if you try out few maintenance tactics. Otherwise, you can take advantage of advanced SD card memory optimizer to improve it’s performance.

It is important to know about reasons that are responsible for making your SD card slow. Here, we have listed out a few along with the solution. First of all, what affects your SD card performance is accumulation of junk data. From the beginning when you own an SD card and use it with your gadget such smartphones, camera etc, a great collection of files build up over the card. Among those files, you can find a number of files that are not necessary of you do not need them further. If most of those files are songs or videos then really you are wasting a considerable amount of memory space on your SD card.

After encountering SD card very slow or malfunctioned, or to free up it from junk data, often users format it. However, user attempt to format SD card when he think there is no important data on the card but sometimes formatting the card proves a big mistake for user when he realizes there were some very important files in the card. Since formatting leads to erasure of all files from SD card, user should avoid this tactic for bringing the card to it’s previous state or to optimize SD card memory. If you are really planning to format SD card in order to optimize it, take backup of the card and then only proceed to format. By doing so, you can optimize SD card memory without any data loss.

Since, there may be very important files on your SD card, you must be careful while trying out various tricks to optimize SD card performance. For this important job, you can opt for an advanced SD card optimizer. Remo MORE is one of the best SD card memory booster that comes with powerful scanning algorithm to fix various issues that are responsible for causing SD card performance slow. This software is enabled with powerful memory optimizer feature that takes a fraction of time to scan and fix issues in SD card and make it faster. You can utilize this SD card memory optimizer on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X running devices.

Steps to hide pictures on mobile SD card:

Step 1: Install this memory booster on your device and launch it. From main screen, click on Optimize option and then select "Memory Optimizer" option.

SD Card Memory Optimizer - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On next window, click on optimize option to let the software start scanning for optimizing SD card as shown in fig 2.

SD Card Memory Optimizer - Select Optimize Option

Fig 2: Select Optimize Option

Step 3: Once software complete optimize process, you will a message showing the status of released memory space as shown in fig 3.

SD Card Memory Optimizer - Released Memory

Fig 3: Released Memory