Lost Data Recovery from Micro SD Card

You may have taken very precious files on your phone's microSD card that you never wish to lose. However, mistakes are uncertain and files saved on microSD card may be lost at any point of time. If you are also running in such condition, be cool and give a try to the technique discussed here on this page. Now, you can recover lost files easily from microSD card.

MicroSD card has not much capacity to store thousands of media files as compare to computer hard drive. For this reason, user needs to transfer many of files from this card to other storage drive in order to free up space for saving new files on the card. While transferring files from microSD card, if the process is interrupted, it may result in file loss. Then you will need to perform microSD card recovery.

There are certain situations which user should avoid while transferring files from microSD card. For example, do not eject the card from hosting device such as camera, mobile phone until the files are transferred. If you eject the card during the operation, you may lose files that were under process. Similarly, avoid frequent use of microSD card in many devices, otherwise you would have a corrupted microSD card and files will become unreadable. In such case, third party software will be a good option to recover lost files from corrupted microSD card.

Always keep scanning your microSD card with a proficient anti-virus program in order to minimize chances of data loss due to virus attack. These malicious programs are very clever and have tendency to make files corrupted or inaccessible. Similarly, format error is also a major cause for losing files from microSD card as most of user format their card after getting this error. If you have formatted your mobile phone SD card, follow instructions made here on this page www.mobilesdcardrecovery.com/formatted.html to recover lost files from microSD card after format.

If you want to avoid unexpected loss of your precious files from microSD card, keep appropriate backup of important music, photos, videos and other media files on other storage drive and update it whenever you have added new files in your microSD card collection. Also make your microSD card write protected to avoid accidental deletion and formatting of the card. If deleted data from mobile SD card, visit this link to recover all data easily: http://www.mobilesdcardrecovery.com/deleted-data-from-mobile-sd-card.html.

Apart from this, it is a good deal to install Mobile SD Card Recovery tool in your computer so that whenever you suspect data loss, you can utilize it to recover lost files from microSD card. With such advanced application one can easily restore lost files on microSD, SD, SDXC and other mobile phone cards. This software works efficiently on Windows and Mac OS X devices and retrieves all kind of files from formatted, inaccessible, damaged or corrupted memory cards. Click on www.mobilesdcardrecovery.com/damaged.html to restore damaged SD card data.

Recovery of data from a micro SD card is one of the numerous applications of this software. It is very covenient to use this software to get back files from Nokia phone memory card of different types.

Recover lost files from Micro SD xard using this software in few simple steps:

Step 1: Install the application and connect microSD card to the computer. launch this software and select "Recover Photos" option from the main screen as shown in Fig A.

How to Recover Lost Files from Micro SD Card - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: In this step, choose, micro SD card from the list of drives and click on "Next" option to start scanning as shown in Fig B.

Restore Lost Files from Micro SD Card - Choose MicroSD Card

Fig B: Choose MicroSD Card

Step 3: After scanning is completed, you will get a list of all recovered files from microSD card as shown in Fig C.

Retrieve Lost Files from Micro SD Card - Recovered Files

Fig C: Recovered Files

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