Recover Files from Kingston SDXC 128GB Memory Card

Kingston SDXC 128GB card is one of the best option to extend memory capacity on many media gadgets like smartphones, tablets, digital camera, camcorders etc. These memory cars are easily compatible with most of devices and offers impressive high data transfer rate and storage capacity. Whether it’s a good quality SDXC card, but still it is prone to data loss and then you need to perform Kingston SDXC 128GB card recovery.

There are multiple scenarios where you may lose your necessary or favorite media files from Kingston SDXC 128GB phone memory card. Often user receives dreaded error message “Card is not formatted” prompting them to format SDXC card. Most of novice users follow this error message and done with formatting after that they need a tool to recover formatted SD card. Similarly, some users manage to delete SDXC card files accidentally while removing unwanted photos and other files from card.

If you have lost your all hope and think files are erased permanently from SDXC card, read this fact and know why it is possible to perform Kingston SDXC 128GB card recovery. In reality, files are still present there on memory card, after you delete a file from your SDXC card or format it; the location where file is present, is listed as re-usable and one can recover this file until it is overwritten with new files. It is recommended to do not use memory card after it is corrupted or files are deleted and lost. Additionally, make use of third party application to restore deleted photos, videos, songs etc from mobile phone SDXC card.

When you are going to perform Kingston SDXC 128GB card recovery, first do a deep research about features that are needed to achieve best recovery. Mobile SD card Recovery is considered as the best application that incorporates with advanced technology that facilitates fastest retrieval of different type media files from Mobile phone SD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC, xD, CF memory cards. This software has potential to undelete Kingston SDXC 128GB card and other mobile phone SD cards manufactured by popular brands like Transcend, SanDisk, Lexar etc. User can get more info about mobile SD card recovery on this page,

This software is designed to work efficiently on different versions of Windows and Mac computers, so it can be used to restore data from formatted SD card on Mac as well as on Windows platform. Also this software has potential to retrieve lost or deleted files from Android phone memory cards. This equally effective in performing Kingston SDXC 128GB card recovery that is inaccessible, damaged, corrupted or formatted. With this app, user gets easy to use interface with picture representation hence it makes card recovery very simple. Visit at and know how to recover SD card on Windows computer.

Note: Android phone users can refer this page to get the best Android phone SD card recovery app.

Steps to use this application:

Step 1: Connect your Kingston SDXC 128GB card to your computer and launch this application. Select "Recover Photos" opiton from the home screen as shown in Fig A.

Kingston SDXC 128GB Card Recovery - Home Screen

Fig A: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose your SDXC card among the listed drives and click on "Next" to start scannning as shown in Fig B.

Restore Kingston SDXC 128GB Card - Choose Micro SD Card

Fig B: Select SDXC Card

Step 3: After complete scanning, you can see recovered files in Data Viwe or File Type View as shown in Fig C.

Recover Kingston SDXC 128GB Card - Recovered Files

Fig C: Restored Files

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