Increase Android Mobile Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most painstaking issues for smartphone users and it becomes an enormous concern when it comes about Android phone, since Android smart phones are powered with plenty of high – end features and applications which make users to staying with their mobiles. Definitely Android phones are featured with amazing apps and nobody can stop tapping on the phone but there is still an issue. Yes this exactly what you are looking for and it’s about smart phone’s battery life. We are habitual of listening music, playing games, watching movies and videos, surfing, browsing and downloading apps and carrying so many operations on Android mobile for hours.

Therefore, while operating Android mobile phones, users should be careful about it’s battery performance and keep charging it frequently. Also user can increase Android mobile battery life if they have better plan regarding power management. One can keep Android smartphone alive for hours if they know about little facts that are really very effective and should be implemented in battery power management plan. Every Android mobile phone user should be aware of following facts which are accountable for causing battery down. Let’s have a look over these factors:

  • Check for applications which are running in background such as Weather Services, Email applications, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook WeChat, B-Talk etc. By disabling these auto-running apps, you can stop power consumption to a great extent. Additionally, turn off GPS location tracker feature, Screen Brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc to avoid fast draining of battery power.
  • If you are using Task Killer app to kill all background running apps automatically, deactivate it every time after you utilize it to disable all apps. It also takes considerable amount of battery power.
  • If possible, do not decorate your mobile with screen savers, animated wallpapers and with other gadgets because these are also sucking battery life. By avoiding these things you can increase Android mobile battery life easily.
  • If you significantly rely upon uploading files and music syncing operations, perform it on Wi-Fi connection because Wi-Fi offers fast upload and sync operations and you can save Android phone battery power.
  • Keep you mobile in vibration mode only when you really need it or in some specific situations like when you are driving, sleeping or standing at noisy place. When you set your Android phone in vibration mode, every time when it vibrates and rings, a little amount of battery life is sucked.

Along with all above customization plans, there are many changes to be applied on Android mobile phone’s settings specially when you are experiencing battery consumption issues. Manually you can try out these setting changes on your Android mobile but it is quite cumbersome. Therefore utilization of an Android power booster app is the smartest and safest solution to deal with this significant issue and to increase Android mobile battery life.

Remo MORE is an ideal power booster and manager app that is developed with latest technology that performs automatic fixing of various issues and set the best power management plan to stop fast draining of Android mobile phone battery. It comes with advanced Power Manager option, that will allows Android users to customize and schedule effective power plans that are needed to increase Android mobile battery life. One can employ this power booster app with great ease since it comes with user friendly GUI to make entire process simple and productive. Just go with Remo MORE Android phone battery booster and keep enjoying on Android mobile.

Steps to increase Android mobile battery life:

Step 1:Install this Remo MORE app in your Android Smartphone and launch it's main screen. Click on manage power option on your Android mobile.

Increase Android Mobile Battery Life - Manage Window

Fig 1: Manage Window

Step 2: On next screen, you can create and customize your profile to save the battery power. Provide a name to the created profile and set required setting on screen and click on "Apply" button.

Increase Android Mobile Battery Life - Create & Name Profile

Fig 2: Create & Name Profile

Step 3: At last after profile is created, you will get all details about the settings of power management on phone screen as shown in fig 3.

Increase Android Mobile Battery Life - Add Photos

Fig 3: Customized Profile