How to Hide Pictures From Mobile SD Card?

With the tiny size and large storage capacity, SD cards are obviously the best choice for Mobile phone users to save large number of media files. Most of the mobile phone users choose SD card to extend storage capacity of the phone. Mobile phones have become alternative of digital cameras and produce high quality pictures. If you have a multimedia mobile phone, you might have a good collection of photos snapped during college party, marriage function, first date etc. There might be some photos on SD card that you never wish to share with anyone. If you only are using your mobile phone then there is no problem. But if you are habitual of sharing your mobile with friends or family members then it may be a great problem for you.

To protect photos on mobile SD card, you can make SD card password protected but doing this will give a rise to many meaningless questions when your friends or family members will know about this. So, a better option to maintain your privacy is to hide pictures from mobile SD card. By doing so you can smartly maintain your privacy and nobody will have doubt that you are hiding something.

If you are using Windows computer, then you can apply this trick to hide pictures in mobile SD card. First you have to connect your mobile SD card to the PC and access your SD card. Now explore it to view all files and folders that are saved on SD card. Select all pictures which you want to hide and keep them in a folder. Now press F2 to for changing folder name. In spite of giving any name, type 0160 as it’s name while holding AltGr button on your keyboard. As you type 0160, this folder will have no name but it will be visible. Now, you have to change folder icon with empty space using customization option. In this way it will not be visible. Similarly, if you save a file with a dot then it will not visible. However you can hide pictures using these tricks but it’s not a secure way to hide pictures on SD card.

In this reference, utilizing software to hide pictures in mobile SD card is the most effective way. With Remo MORE, you get powerful features to hide pictures from mobile SD card. It comes with advanced File Protector option to hide and lock files on SD card and other storage devices. It supports users to hide pictures from mobile SD card of various brands such as Kingston, Transcend, Sony etc. This software work efficiently on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices.

Steps to hide pictures on mobile SD card:

Step 1: Plug mobile SD card to the system via cable or card reader. Launch the application on your system and click on Manage option from the main window.

Hide Pictures From Mobile SD Card - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: On next screen, select File Protector and then Private Locker option to hide photos from SD card as shown in fig 2.

Hide Pictures From Mobile SD Card - Select Private Locker

Fig 2: Select Private Locker

Step 3: Here, you can add photos which you want to keep unseen from others and then click on Lock option as shown in fig 3.

Hide Pictures From Mobile SD Card - Add Photos

Fig 3: Add Photos