How to Compress Pictures from SD Card?

SD card is used in almost every electronic devices for data storage. It is very small-sized and provides significant memory space to store all types of file. Its high speed data transfer and compatibility in various devices makes it more popular to user. Though it can store different files, the available memory space is limited and not sufficient for long time use. After capturing some high quality pictures and long videos in your camera or camcorder, you must face lack of free space on your memory card. When your SD card is almost full and you cannot store any more data on it, you can make free space by compressing your captured images. Next, a question like ‘how to compress pictures from SD card’ can be raised in your mind.

If so, you reached to suitable place to get its appropriate answer. Here, you will get a professional application like Remo MORE that can compress all types of images on SD card easily. This tool is very smart to store large amount of data in a less memory space and create some free space to store an extra information. There are different benefits in compression of large size pictures on SD card. Some of them are:

  • First of all, you can store more information on your memory card in compressed format. In this format, large sized pictures can be stored in very less storage space compared to its original size. You can use the precise memory space more efficiently in a clever way.
  • Saving your important images as a ZIP file, you can make those information little more secure than others. Any information after locked will not be affected by common external threats easily. As a SD card can be used in different gadgets, security of stored files is very important. Therefore, you can compress your images employing this tool to achieve ample security.
  • By compressing large size images on your SD card, you can transfer them over internet. In some cases, we cannot transfer pictures over internet due to its large size. Using Remo MORE tool, you can easily resolve this problem and can send pictures over internet.
  • Besides this facilities, compression of files is also helpful to transfer data quickly. If you compress pictures from SD card, you can transfer them to any other devices in less time span.

Remo MORE software avails plenty of features to compress pictures from SD card used in mobile, digital camera, camcorder, video camera etc. This tool has the ability to reduce size of images up to 90 % of its original size. Using this program, you can compress almost all types of pictures including JPEG, PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF etc. You can also compress different types of raw images capture on camera. Another useful feature of this image compression tool is that, you can apply password to the compressed file to prevent unauthorized access. Apart from SD card, you can compress images on xD, SDXC, SDHC, CF cards with same efficiency and save them in a RZip file.

Steps to Compress Pictures from SD Card:

Step 1: At first, download & install this software on your computer and connect your SD card to it. Next open it and click on "Compress & Burn" option from "Manage" tab.

How to Compress Pictures from SD Card - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On next screen, you have to select "Create New RZip File" option to compress pictures on the SD memory card.

How to Compress Pictures from SD Card - Create New RZip

Fig 2: Create New RZip

Step 3: Here, you should add photos which you want to compress and then click on "Compress" button as shown in fig 3.

How to Compress Pictures from SD Card - Select Photos and Compress

Fig 3: Select Photos and Compress